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Brushing and Flossing Why There Is No Substitute for Oral Hygiene

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Dental hygiene

Proper oral hygiene starts with good habits established at an early age. It is recommended that children ought to have their teeth brushed as soon as they appear and that flossing ought to follow once two teeth start touching one another. Furthermore, parents should start their children off early by having a dental check-up within six months after their first tooth appears or by their first birthday to ensure that they start along a path towards proper oral hygiene.

The Effects of Poor Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene includes regular brushing and flossing — experts recommend doing so at least twice a day with some recommending to do so after each meal. In spite of dental recommendations and an effort to increase public awareness, 20% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 y

The Secret Behind Maintaining That Winning Smile — Regular Dental Cleanings and What They Can Do for Your Teeth

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Washington dental service dentist

All of us want healthy, trouble-free lives that are fulfilling and exciting. All over the world, people spend a lot of time and money on maintaining their health and doing the right things so as to enjoy a healthy life. One crucial aspect of our bodies, however, which often gets neglected, due to lack of knowledge and attention is our teeth. Teeth are not only very important functional tools in our daily life, they also contribute significantly to facial appearance. In fact, almost all American believe that a confident, healthy smile is one of the most important social assets to have. Unfortunately, many do not get to flaunt their teeth due to inadequate care and attention. Regular dental cleanings and frequent trips to a dentist office can be the perfect way to achieve that great smile and a

How Can Implants Change Your Smile?

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Non amalgam fillings

A great smile is now seen as one of the most important physical characteristics for a person to possess. A straight smile is no longer enough. In the past five years alone, teeth whitening procedures have increased 300% in the U.S. The perfectly straight, white teeth people imagine they will have after a visit to your local dentist may just not be possible with their natural teeth. But an implant dentist may be able to help.

Our teeth are unique to us. Some may fit strangely in our mouths, while others may be slightly larger or smaller compared to the others surrounding it. Irregular teeth are are not that unusual, actually; they are fixable. Orthodontic procedures like braces can take a