When Was the Last Time That You Visited the Dentist?

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You feel fortunate that your daughters have healthier teeth than you do. While you have struggled your whole life with gingivitis, tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. Your daughters, on the other hand, have beautiful teeth and have never suffered from gingivitis or any kind of pain.
Oral health services have changed in the last few decades. The use of braces is more common and more employee health plans include dental coverage. For all of the reasons, the dental health of many of the latest generations is showing more promise. While two generations ago it was common for many older people to have their decaying teeth removed a

Should I Get Dental Implants for Missing Teeth?

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If you’re missing teeth, you’re at risk of bone loss and drifting of neighboring teeth. When you lose a tooth, the jaw bone that originally supported that tooth will begin to shrink. Known as resorption, this is bone loss is the natural result of losing stimulation to the bone. Resorption will cause the bone to lose height and width and can begin almost immediately after a tooth is removed or falls out.

If you’re missing teeth that are adjacent to each other, not only will you be at greater risk of resorption, but your other teeth may begin to drift over time. The teeth alongside the gap may begin to lean over. Likewise, the teeth above the gap may shift down, into the vacant space. This drifting