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Your Health Depends on Regular Dental Visits

Written by Prevent Tooth Decay on August 19th, 2017. Posted in Dental implants in aventura, Invisalign, Teeth whitening pembroke pines

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How happy are you with the appearance of your smile? If you’ve noticed your teeth could be a bit brighter, have you been using at-home teeth whitening products or visiting the dentist for regular in-office teeth whitening sessions?

While many people in the United States may use at-home teeth whitening products, having teeth whitened by a dentist is much more effective. A recent survey showed that 82.5% of the patients that had their teeth professionally whitened admitted there was a notable difference.

If you do have your teeth regularly whitened by a dentist, you may not be smiling as often because you have a few missing teeth. In this case, have you considered