5 Family Friendly Business Ideas for Your Dental Practice

Owning and operating a successful dental practice for patients of all ages is much easier if you come up with family friendly business ideas. Having a guide keeps you focused on ensuring that everything you do has a purpose. Plus, you can put your family friendly business ideas into a spreadsheet so you stay on budget. Remember:

Dental Braces What They Are and Why You Might Need Them

Does the idea of breaking into a grin bring you stress? Do you avoid social situations because you don’t want to show off your teeth? Are you tired of smiling with your hand over your face? There’s a chance you might be in need of dental braces. General insecurity in the look of your smile is one

The Easiest, Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Dental Health

Many people don’t realize how incredibly important it is to maintain your oral health. In fact, most don’t even know that your oral health is directly related to your overall well-being. Issues with your teeth, gums, mouth, and throat can all be indicators of much larger, potentially deadly problems in other portions of your body. The best

13 Dental Health Tips for Parents

As a parent, it’s your job to ensure your child grows up healthy and strong. Good oral hygiene can protect your child’s overall health and wellbeing. Making sure your child takes care of their teeth can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are things you can easily do to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. Here are

Proper Oral Health: Steps to Take to Protect your Smile

We are all only granted one set of teeth, therefore it is utterly important to care the first set that we have. There are many things that we do to care for your bodies, and caring for your teeth should be included in that daily routine. When you take care of your teeth you begin a lifelong

Why You Should Use a Dental Personnel Placement Service to Hire Employees

If you have a dental practice, you may know that the need for extra employees will eventually surface. Sometimes, there is too much paperwork to handle. Other times, there are more patients than the available staff can attend to, making it impossible to operate without hiring more personnel. andnbsp; Because these spikes in workload are often seasonal,

How 3D Printing is Changing Dentistry

Getting the Perfect Smile Smiling is a wonderful thing. Science has shown that there are some incredible benefits to smiling, including a massive release of dopamine (the feel-good chemical) in the brain. One of the saddest things that can happen, is when a person become self conscious about their smile. Sometimes it happens because of bullying at

Taking A Look At The Growing Dental Profession

Going to see a dentist is a hugely important thing no matter how old you are or what your background is. After all, we all only get one set of permanent teeth – and caring for them well will certainly help to ensure that they stand the test of time. Dental care is also necessary to prevent

5 Tips for Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Clean

It’s important for people to take care of their teeth, starting as early as possible. Unfortunately, research shows that 18.6% of children aged five to 19 years old have at least one cavity. No parent wants to see their children deal with dental pain and aggravation. Therefore, it’s wise to learn a few helpful tips that will

What Qualities to Look for When Selecting the Right Dental Staff

Finding the right staff is hard no matter what position one is hiring for. It’s important to find people who are caring and considerate, professional, and able to meet the demands of the job they are being hired for. This is especially true of dental staff since they need to be able to meet the needs of