Dental College Not For You? Try Your Hand At DANB Certification!

Whether an individual went to dental college or took dental assistance training courses, the craft of dental services has helped paved the way for confidence in many. Many adults feel their teeth are unsightly or perhaps had a history of dental problems that were never fixed. Others even feel the need to avoid social gatherings all together

The Importance Of Dental Care For People Around The World

The care and keeping of your teeth matters from infancy to old age, as your teeth can impact many aspects of your life. For one thing, the appearance of your teeth matters quite a bit. Already, one quarter of all people throughout the United States have said that they will even avoid smiling, at least while using

Why Dental Care In America Needs Reform

Dental care is a primary focus for many Americans who significantly struggle to pay for insurance. Unfortunately, many still walk around uninsured and without proper means to adequately take care of their dental hygiene. There is a distinct gap between Americans who can pay for full dental insurance and those who are forced to manage with what

Avoiding Tooth Decay in Children Starts With the Parents

It is one thing to know how to prevent tooth decay in children, it is another thing entirely to pull it off. About 23% of children in the United States, between the ages of two and 11, have tooth decay that is not yet treated. Getting your child to brush their teeth can be more like pulling

Cosmetic Dental Options and Oral Health Four Facts To Make you Smile

We all know it is true: a bright, healthy smile is a good way to meet people and open new doors for conversation, careers and camaraderie. In fact, a recent survey by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) found that a healthy smile, even if treated with a little cosmetic dental help, is socially important to

Are Your Children’s Diets Ruining Their Teeth?

Did you know that tooth decay is likely to be left untreated in at least 23% of children, ages two to 11? Even more alarming, the majority of those children, or 15% out of 23%, are less than six years old. Fear drives most people away from the dentist. Do not teach your children unhealthy habits. Make

How to Find the Right Dentist For You

Whether you just moved, got new insurance, or just haven’t had any kind of dental work in a while, the process of finding a new dentist isn’t as simple as picking out the first name you see after a quick search. You should really contact several offices, take into consideration several factors and make a decision on

Prevent Tooth Decay Using These Tips

Decaying teeth are pretty much irreversible. When you let your teeth go and they start to decay, you can hardly reverse the signs of decay. Often, you may have to resort to getting implants after having your decayed teeth pulled out. But if your teeth are still in pretty good condition, then time is on your side.