Should You Use a Waterpik?

Gum disease is no joke. It can lead to bleeding gums and even heart disease. One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is flossing once a day according to every dental clinic. However, should you use traditional floss or a waterpik? In this video, you will learn more about waterpiks. Video Source Waterpiks should not

The Different Types of Teeth Explained

Everyone has noticed that their dog or cat has different-sized teeth that are used for different reasons. In dogs, those two large teeth are known as the canines and are used to puncture prey and tear away parts of them to eat. Humans also have different types of teeth and you can tell the differences by their

Choosing the Best Family Dental Care

Regular dental care is critical for family members of any and all ages. That’s why it’s so important to find a family dental care practice that you love and trust. This will make all your regular appointments go much smoother and will even motivate your youngsters to practice good oral hygiene. Video Source So what exactly should

Your Orthodontic Treatment How Braces Work

According to some research from the American Association of Orthodontists, about 4 million Americans are wearing braces. Some of that population accounts for older people, as braces for adults are becoming increasingly popular with orthodontic treatment. You can find dental offices in Farmington NM that offer orthodontic services for straight teeth and a healthy smile. During your

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Your smile is often the first feature people notice about you. And a dazzling smile looks good on everyone! But sadly, not all of us have one. Some of us have crooked, broken, decayed, or discolored teeth. These can be a huge source of insecurity and shame for many. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Heres the Reason Why Dental Implants Hurt

Before you choose to have a dental implant, you need to know just what will be in store for you. That is why you will need to seek the intervention of a reputable orthodontist. They are available in high numbers currently, therefore you can be spoilt for choice. Video Source However, that should never be the outcome.

What to Expect From Invisalign Dentistry

The video talks about Invisalign dentistry and what a person can expect from such dentistry. Invisalign is a widely used tooth correction system that uses plastic aligners instead of traditional braces and brackets. Many people choose it because it’s virtually invisible and is said to cause less comfort than some of the other corrective methods. Video Source

How to Market Your Orthodontic Practice

Whether you’re just starting out with your clinic or have been settled for years already, you need orthodontic marketing services to promote your facility. Although it’s a specialty field, orthodontics is just a subset of dentistry. For this reason, orthodontists do not usually see a high volume of patients that most general dentistry practices do. And as

What do You Need When Selling a Dental Practice?

This video features David Cohen, a lawyer whose law firm specializes in dentists and specialists with their legal transactions. He offers three expert tips for selling a dental practice. Tip #1- Make sure the timing is right. You are going to invest time, money, and resources into selling your practice. Therefore, you want to ensure that you