Do This to Avoid Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are generally permanent ways of filling a hole in your tooth. This is general as a result of tooth decay. The dentist carefully drills in the tooth to remove any decaying parts.

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Next, a dentist carefully places the filling material in the tooth. This special material hardens when exposed to special UV light. This process only takes minutes. However, it can certainly feel a lot longer. It is a process that we are thankful exists, but wish we never have to experience. Fortunately, you may never have to have a tooth filled if you practice the right dental hygiene. In this video, you will learn proper dental practices to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

It is not always good enough to simply brush your teeth twice a day. You should be thoroughly brushing your teeth. This doesn’t mean brushing harder. In fact, that could even damage the enamel on your teeth. Instead, focusing on carefully brushing each tooth. You want to get the front, top, and back of each tooth. It is especially important to brush the back of your teeth if you have a permanent retainer.


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