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Invisalign Braces The Clear Choice

Written by Prevent Tooth Decay on December 1st, 2017. Posted in Dental services, Teeth whitening olympia wa, White teeth

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A bright, radiant smile is a priceless accessory and its beauty is the epitome of timelessness. However most people aren’t born with perfectly straight and white teeth and rely on cosmetic dental services to achieve this look.

In addition to being considered unattractive, teeth that are crooked and misaligned are also difficult to clean. Even with regular brushing, the angles, nooks, and crannies caused by misaligned teeth can trap bacteria, food, and plaque. Over time, a build up of these irritants can lead to sensitive teeth, gingivitis, and periodontal disease.

In order to reduce the high risk of developing these conditions, braces can be used to align and straighten crooked teeth. Traditional braces have earned a reputation as being uncomfortable, unsightly, and even downright painful. Adults, e