4 Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Should Know

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A study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that more than half of the U.S. adult aged 50 and above affirmed that as they age, a smile remains one of the most attractive physical features. The introduction of cosmetic dentistry contributes to this fact. Unlike in the past where dental care was an individual effort, nowadays many people turn to professional dental and oral care, as a way of enhancing their appearance. More focus is being put on teeth as an ultimate solution to a beautiful smile.

In modern dentistry, procedures have further improved to deal with more dental cases other than just removing and filling up teeth. Today, even the most complex dental procedures are done to perfection. The most common cosmetic treatments include crowns, tooth whitening, bridges, veneer, and implants.

With just the right dentist tool, patients can have their teeth lighten, reshape, or straighten to exactly how they want it to look. Cosmetic dentistry involves both simple and complex procedures, and each of them demands a specialized level of care. These procedures include,

Indirect Fillings
This dental procedure involves making or artificial teeth inlays and outlays, which are used to fill tooth structures. Depending on the damaged tooth, inlays or onlays can be used to cover the tooth’s surface using an adhesive dental cement. Since the filler is made of composite resin material, it’s able to restore tooth shape back to normal.

Direct bonding is a popular dental repair procedure aimed at rectifying decayed and discolored teeth using a filling material. A dentist will recreate your smile by attaching a composite resin material that looks exactly like tooth’s original enamel and dentin. This material is very rigid, and apart from looking like a real tooth, it also performs like it as well.

A dental implant is one of the most common dental procedure. Although this process involves a set of actions, it’s made to ensure a perfect replacement of tooth is done. At the site of the missing tooth, a dentist inserts a screw that will offer support to a crown. Not only does an implant replaces a missing tooth, but it also supports the adjacent teeth. An implant tooth looks like the natural surrounding teeth, and so, proper oral hygiene is required to maintain its condition.

A veneer is made from ceramic with medical standards. In a dental procedure, a veneer is designed to blend with patients natural teeth. Alterations in size, shape, and color can also be made of veneer to give a subtle look as well as provide tooth functionality. Similar to dental crown and implant, inserting a veneer will take series of steps. A mold of your tooth has to be made, and it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for the molds to be ready.

Other cosmetic dentistry procedures include teeth whitening, color fillings, fixed bridges, and crown. Regardless of your dental issues, it’s imperative that you find a qualified dentist that will not only fix your problem but also advise you on some oral hygiene care.

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