Avoiding the Dentist Can Be Very Bad for Your Teeth

Dentists in dulles

When you go to the dentist, you are likely seeing a general dentist. Most dentists have trained in the field of general dentistry. A general dentist is sort of like a family practice doctor. He or she will check teeth, fill cavities, do crowns and possibly do root canals. However, most general dentists do not do orthodontic procedures or dental surgery, as these are specialties that require additional training.

It’s recommended that both children and adults visit a general dentist twice a year, but only about half of people say they do so. Many people avoid the dentist because of the cost, while some do not go out of an irrational fear of pain and discomfort. The ironic thing about that is that avoiding the dentist can lead to more severe teeth problems, which can lead to much less pain than what you experience with a visit to the dentist. Not going to the dentist also can lead to increased costs. If you wind up with a cavity or other tooth problem because you didn’t get regular checkups, it costs much more to fix than what a regular tooth cleaning costs.

Beyond general dentistry, orthodontics is the dental specialty that most people with have experience with. Orthodontists are dentists that go on to receive another three or four years in orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists are concerned more with the jaw and your bite rather than with individual teeth. What orthodontists are most known for is putting on braces. People generally get braces as children, although many adults get them as well. The purpose of braces is to straighten teeth and also to correct problems with bite, such as an overbite. Braces also are seen as a cosmetic procedure for many people, as nearly 100% of all people say having a healthy-looking smile is important. You have two choices for braces. There are the traditional metal brackets glued onto each tooth that are hooked together by wires. There also are clear plastic braces. Both have advantages and disadvantages, although many adults choose clear braces because they hide the fact that you are wearing braces.

It’s important to take care of your teeth, which means seeing the dentist regularly and getting special procedures done if they are called for. It’s also important to do all you can to help your teeth, which includes brushing regularly.

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