Dental College Not For You? Try Your Hand At DANB Certification!

Whether an individual went to dental college or took dental assistance training courses, the craft of dental services has helped paved the way for confidence in many. Many adults feel their teeth are unsightly or perhaps had a history of dental problems that were never fixed. Others even feel the need to avoid social gatherings all together simply because they do not want their smile to attract the wrong attention. Dental college graduate or DANB certificants, individuals working in the dental industry have helped the smiles of 127.6 million adults residing in the United States just in 2017 alone.

However, let us say you want to help people achieve a more confident smile but do not feel that college is the right fit for you. Have you considered pursuing a DANB certificate? You might find the satisfaction you are looking for, like 89 percent of DANB certificants reported. Like the dentists themselves, you will be on the forefront of patient care, and of course, extending your assistance to the dentists themselves. Oftentimes you will schedule appointments, take x-rays, and plenty of oral hygiene and care instructions. You will be doing some dental work, but much of that is handled by the dentist while you assist.

It should be noted that if you live in Arizona, the year of 2017 tallied about 7,000 employed dental assistants, according to a survey conducted by the Occupational Employment Statistics program. Furthermore, another survey led by the Occupational Employment Statistics in the same year of 2017 stated the mean annual salary of dental assistants sat around $39,580! However, it should be noted that 70 percent of DANB CDA certification were awarded a raise in their position, and that was not limited to Arizona.

Another great aspect of pursuing a DANB certification is the real-world experience an individual gathers. Many clinics accommodate live clinic training and is oftentimes the best place to get practical dental assistant training right off the bat. The hands-on dental training is supervised, of course, and patients can participate alongside the dental assistants.

If you prefer to eschew traditional dental college and instead what a slower paced experience within the dental atmosphere, then being a dental assistant just might be the exact career you were looking for!

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