How Dentists Can Help Patients Have Strong Bites and Gorgeous Smiles

dentistVisit Dental Facilities at Least Twice a Year
Everyone should visit a dental facility for an examination of their teeth and removal of plaque twice a year to prevent gingivitis, halitosis and cavities. Dentists are highly trained in a variety of dental health issues that affect adults, teenagers and children. In addition to understanding basic care of teeth and gums, many dentists specialize in certain types of procedures such as endodontics or prosthodontics. It is not necessary for parents to wait until their child is a teenager to begin bringing them to a dentist for treatment. Bringing a child to a dental facility at a young age can help them to feel comfortable while undergoing procedures. Today, dentists understand how to make patients feel less fearful while having dental surgeries such as root canals.

How Healthy Teeth Can Change an Individual’s Life
In Auburn, Ala., it is possible to visit Dental Care at Flint’s Crossing where Dr. Raymond L. Bolt offers knowledgeable care for patients of all ages. Dentists provide routine, cosmetic and emergency care that is designed to keep teeth beautiful and functional. Healthy teeth permit individuals to consume a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of soft foods filled with white flour and sugar. Straight teeth ensure that people are able to make sounds properly by placing their tongue against surfaces of their teeth. A correct dental bite makes it less likely that someone will develop conditions such as bruxism or temporomandibular disorder that cause chronic pain. Dentists can also repair jaw and cleft palate problems that make breathing difficult for children and adults.

Dentists Can Perform Root Canal Procedures
When visiting a dental office every six months, a patient can have small cavities filled with color matching materials. By having small caries repaired as quickly as possible, bacteria is removed from a tooth to prevent decay that can reach sensitive dental pulp and nerves. If a tooth is seriously decayed, then dentists often must remove the tooth’s surface enamel before removing nerves and roots. A tooth undergoing a root canal is covered with a customized dental crown after it is filled with durable material to give it strength. While dentists are experts in performing root canals to diseased or damaged teeth, it is always better to keep teeth healthy to avoid needing surgery.

Dental Facilities can Create Customized Tooth Restorations
For anyone with missing teeth, there are new and traditional options available from dentists to restore a smile line. Traditional dental restorations include fixed dental bridges that are attached permanently in the mouth by using other teeth as support. Alternatively, a patient can wear a removable dental bridge or dentures to replace single or multiple teeth that are missing in the mouth. Dental facilities now have modern equipment such as computer imaging devices that can create three-dimensional molds of a patient’s mouth. After the molds are made, dental laboratories are able to make dentures and bridges that fit nicely and look gorgeous.

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