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Did you know that more than 98% of all dental implants are successful? Even better news is the fact that when they are maintained properly they can last for the rest of the patient’s life. For individuals who are missing one or more teeth, mini dental implants are the best news since dental bridges. Of course, dental implants offers several key advantages over bridges, not to mention that they can be done so fast that patients can have new teeth in one day.

When you compare dental bridges vs implants it really is no contest as to which is better. If you are familiar with dental bridges or have ever received one yourself, you realize that they can be bulky, uncomfortable, and interfered with thorough brushing and flossing. Dental bridges are also designed to attach to a healthy adjacent to in order for it to be secured. Each of these are significant disadvantages that dental mini implants do not have.

If there is any advantage that bridges have over dental implants it is the fact that the insertion of dental bridges is fairly non-invasive. However, the majority of dental patients who choose implants consider dental implant surgery to be well worth it, especially since it is now possible for patients to have new teeth in one day.

To make a longer story short, mini dental implants involve the insertion of a titanium post into the jaw bone via the empty tooth pocket in a patient’s gum. Although a certain level of discomfort is always possible, modern dental anesthesia minimizes the maximum discomfort to root canal levels. Unlike a root canal, however, the patient will end up with a realistic looking tooth that may be more durable and longer-lasting than a healthy natural tooth.

After learning about the benefits of mini dental implants, surely folks missing several teeth will be wondering if dental implants can help them, as well. The answer to that is “Yes”; because all on four dental implants take dental implant technology to the next level, by applying it to entire rows of teeth.

For example, a dental patient who might have considered removable dentures just a few years ago, can now have all of the top teeth, bottom teeth, or both levels replaced by complete sets of dental implants. This is achieved via the insertion of four titanium posts on each level. Thus, if a patient wants to replace both their upper and lower teeth with all on four implants, they will need to receive eight separate titanium posts.

While the four on one dental procedure, obviously, is longer and more involved than the insertion of a single dental implant, once the procedure is complete the patient will be able to enjoy a brand new set of realistic looking teeth that can last for the rest of their lives.

A generation ago, the idea of getting new teeth in one day sounded like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel, but the technology to do so has been around for several years now. Even though all on four dental implant surgery takes longer, many dental patients believe that the results of the procedure makes it well worth it.
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