Three Drinks to Avoid to Keep Teeth White In Between Teeth Whitening Visits

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UPDATED 3/5/21

When it comes to picking a professional skilled in dentistry, many people want to find one that is experienced in using the best teeth whitening products. Besides finding a local dentist who knows how to whiten teeth, people can avoid certain products that are noted for diminishing the white glow on teeth and making them appear dingy and dirty. Here are three things individuals should avoid while they are trying to keep their smile bright and white.

Coffee is Known for Making Smiles Appear Less Than White

Although coffee is a popular pick-me-up in the morning, any professional who is skilled in dentistry will say that it should be avoided, in order to maintain a bright smile. This is because even when individuals use creamers and other products that dilute the dark drink, it still has a high capability to stain teeth. Teeth whitening is something many individuals do to improve their smile. Many people (over 70%) believe that having a smile that is less than attractive can have a negative effect on their personal and professional success, and taking the time to improve their smile will go a long way in helping their careers and their self-esteem.

Red Wine Should Be Avoided to Prevent Long Lasting Stains

While many people enjoy drinking red wine because of the health benefits it is praised for, it can actually have a negative effect on teeth by leaving dark red stains. Although white wine does not have as many benefits, it is easier to clean off the teeth. Professional teeth whitening is useful since over 80% of people who had their teeth whitened saw a major difference after having the work done for the first time. Professionals skilled in dentistry can suggest methods that are the most effective depending on the stains and how often an individual drinks.

Green Tea is Known for Leaving Stains and Should be Used in Moderation

Many people praise green tea, because it offers so many health benefits, and can be smooth tasting. Some use it not only for their mornings, but also as a pick-up during the day. Reducing how often one consumes green tea might be one of the best ways to handle the level of staining that may be present in one who drinks it often. Aside from that, individuals should consider the benefits of a professional teeth whitening session. Whitening teeth can give individuals more confidence in themselves, since one of every four Americans state they avoid smiling, due to not feeling confident with their smile and how their teeth look.

When trying to maintain a bright smile, it is important to reduce certain drinks that may be present in one?s diet. These can include coffee, green tea, and red wine. These drinks are known for leaving long-lasting stains that can be difficult to get rid of. A dentist who is skilled in using the best teeth whitening products can help lift the stains and produce a smile that individuals will feel proud of.

Having sparkling white teeth makes for a beautiful smile. However, as we eat and drink, our teeth become stained. Drinks that are especially known for causing teeth staining are tea, coffee, soda, and red wine. Smoking is another culprit that causes yellowed teeth. In order to get your pearly whites white again, you need to use teeth whitening products or receive cosmetic dental care. If you’re wondering, can you whiten your teeth cheap, the answer is yes. You need to go to your local drugstore or market and in the toothpaste aisle, you’ll find products for whitening your teeth, including cheap teeth whitening products and toothpaste. Another question you may have is, can you whiten teeth without enamel? Essentially, no. It would be very difficult to whiten teeth without enamel. The alternative is to have veneers put in to have a whiter smile. Can you whiten sensitive teeth? Absolutely. However, talk to your dentist before starting a teeth whitening regime. Having white teeth doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You can look online for the best teeth whitening products by reading reviews or ask your dentist what she recommends.

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