Have you ever wondered what the different types of dentists are? Whether they are a cosmetic dentist who works on cosmetic dentistry, family dentists who works on family dentistry, or in this case, a general dentist? Well, this video outlines what exactly that is, and how there isn’t much of a difference!

When you go to dentistry school, there are many different paths to take, but for the most part, they all end up at the same place, which is having the ability to practice any dentistry you choose to. In fact, most dentistry schools are beginning to offer degrees in general dentistry specifically. So if you wanted to become a part of the growing group of cosmetic dentists, you could start at general dentistry and work your way up. In fact, all the training is pretty much the same. After you are finished with school, you have to pass some exams, and once you do that, you’re ready to practice! Once you get to work, that is when you start to look at your specialty.

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But that’s it! A general dentist is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

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