What to Expect From Invisalign Dentistry

The video talks about Invisalign dentistry and what a person can expect from such dentistry. Invisalign is a widely used tooth correction system that uses plastic aligners instead of traditional braces and brackets. Many people choose it because it’s virtually invisible and is said to cause less comfort than some of the other corrective methods.

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Not everyone qualifies for treatment with the Invisalign system. That’s why interested people need to visit a participating orthodontist for an evaluation. The system can resolve many problems, such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, and more. However, consultation and assessment are necessary so that the provider can see how healthy and aligned the rest of the person’s teeth are. In addition, the system may not work for someone who has extensive tooth decay and needs further treatment. Thus, the individual may have to use an alternative method of treatment.

Those eligible for the Invisalign system will have to have a mold of their teeth taken so that the lab can develop the perfect set of aligners for their situation. Aligners can be changed every two weeks to gradually shift the teeth to where they need to be. The time it takes for the aligner system to correct an alignment issue varies between clients.

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