When Was Your Last Dental Visit? A Dental Checkup Could Reveal Problems You Cannot See or Feel

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dentistMany people visit a dental clinic only when they have a tooth or gum problem—such as bleeding gums, toothache, cracked tooth, or painful jaw. However, seeing a dentist is something that should often be done, as this helps discover problems that you might be developing. Preventive dentistry deals with issues before they aggravate into big problems, or can even usher in other health issues. Some dental problems occur slowly and progressively and by time you know you have a dental problem, a lot of damages has already occurred. For example, a painful tooth cavity begins as plaque and then progress to tooth decay. At the decay stage, you may not experience major issues and probably what you feel is just some sensitivity. However, a visit to a dental clinic can reveal other dental problems, such as cracks in your teeth, gums that are affected and have already exposed the enamel. Here is how you should visit a dental clinic for checkups.

You should have a dental checkup twice a year
About 50 years ago, a dental health checkup was conducted among people that were being recruited in the military and which showed that majority of teeth were in bad shape. Only a handful of people knew the importance of taking good care of teeth and gums. During those old days, there were no guidelines that had been put forward to show how many times in a year a person should see a dental practitioner.

Much of the treatment was based on fixing dental problems rather than preventing them. However, new standards were developed by dental and health organizations— which introduced preventive dentistry. The rule of visiting a dental clinic twice a year was born, and this is what people do— it has become a norm.

Not everyone can fit the “twice-a-year” rule
While you may want to visit a dental office twice a year, this does not apply to everyone. Some people only make their visits to dentists two times but for others, it is more often. This is because people who are at risk of developing gums and teeth problems are likely to suffer more dental problems and require checkups very often.

On average, most people have two visits to their dentists, and this works pretty well for them, but for others, they get away with fewer dental clinic visits. Others make more frequent visits to dentists.

People at higher risk of having dental problems should make frequent visits
Anyone who has a higher risk of having dental diseases should make more than two visits in a year to a dental clinic. It can be three, four, or even five times depending on how one is likely to develop issues with their teeth and gums.

A person who smokes, suffers from diabetes, has existing gum disease, a weak immune system to bacterial infections, or those who tend to develop cavities and plaque should make more visits to the dental clinics.

In case you take proper care of your gums and teeth and a dental expert does not find any issues with your oral care for a couple of years, it is possible that the dentistry professional can choose to lengthen the time you should make visits to a dental clinic. Many dental problems are not visible, or they don’t cause pain until they have advanced to more serious stages, such as gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer.

Having regular visits can help dentists to find symptoms and signs of diseases and offer treatment before the problems progress to more serious stages. Don’t wait until you have dental issues; if you feel that you are at risk of developing dental problems, see Dr. Sean Tarpenning at Hebert Dental more often.

How Dentists Can Help Patients Have Strong Bites and Gorgeous Smiles

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dentistVisit Dental Facilities at Least Twice a Year
Everyone should visit a dental facility for an examination of their teeth and removal of plaque twice a year to prevent gingivitis, halitosis and cavities. Dentists are highly trained in a variety of dental health issues that affect adults, teenagers and children. In addition to understanding basic care of teeth and gums, many dentists specialize in certain types of procedures such as endodontics or prosthodontics. It is not necessary for parents to wait until their child is a teenager to begin bringing them to a dentist for treatment. Bringing a child to a dental facility at a young age can help them to feel comfortable while undergoing procedures. Today, dentists understand how to make patients feel less fearful while having dental surgeries such as root canals.

How Healthy Teeth Can Change an Individual’s Life
In Auburn, Ala., it is possible to visit Dental Care at Flint’s Crossing where Dr. Raymond L. Bolt offers knowledgeable care for patients of all ages. Dentists provide routine, cosmetic and emergency care that is designed to keep teeth beautiful and functional. Healthy teeth permit individuals to consume a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of soft foods filled with white flour and sugar. Straight teeth ensure that people are able to make sounds properly by placing their tongue against surfaces of their teeth. A correct dental bite makes it less likely that someone will develop conditions such as bruxism or temporomandibular disorder that cause chronic pain. Dentists can also repair jaw and cleft palate problems that make breathing difficult for children and adults.

Dentists Can Perform Root Canal Procedures
When visiting a dental office every six months, a patient can have small cavities filled with color matching materials. By having small caries repaired as quickly as possible, bacteria is removed from a tooth to prevent decay that can reach sensitive dental pulp and nerves. If a tooth is seriously decayed, then dentists often must remove the tooth’s surface enamel before removing nerves and roots. A tooth undergoing a root canal is covered with a customized dental crown after it is filled with durable material to give it strength. While dentists are experts in performing root canals to diseased or damaged teeth, it is always better to keep teeth healthy to avoid needing surgery.

Dental Facilities can Create Customized Tooth Restorations
For anyone with missing teeth, there are new and traditional options available from dentists to restore a smile line. Traditional dental restorations include fixed dental bridges that are attached permanently in the mouth by using other teeth as support. Alternatively, a patient can wear a removable dental bridge or dentures to replace single or multiple teeth that are missing in the mouth. Dental facilities now have modern equipment such as computer imaging devices that can create three-dimensional molds of a patient’s mouth. After the molds are made, dental laboratories are able to make dentures and bridges that fit nicely and look gorgeous.

Utilizing a Restorative Dentist to Improve Your Smile

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restorative dentistThe restoration of teeth is often one of the most utilized forms of dental work by patients. Whether they are going in for a filling or a crown due to a cavity, or they are scheduling an appointment to replace the chipped part of a tooth sustained in a football injury, most patients know exactly what it means to have teeth restored. Here are a few of the services that a restorative dentist can perform for individual patients.

Dental Veneers
Sometimes a chipped tooth does not need a huge surgery in order to be restored. If this is the case, then a veneer may do the trick. A veneer is a thin piece of plastic or porcelain that is placed around the existing tooth in order to give in the right shape and color. These veneers can be changed to fit the individual patient’s needs, and often times they are easy to install at the dentist’s office.

Dental Crowns
Crowns are much larger than veneers and cover a larger portion of the tooth as well. Sometimes the process of installing a crown is called capping, because a large portion of the top of the tooth is being added to the patient’s existing tooth. Crowns can be placed over teeth that are badly chipped, are irregular in shape and size, or that were drilled due to cavities. These crowns are then placed directly over the affected area and effectively become the new tooth.

Dental Bonding
This is the process of putting dental filling on to or into a tooth in order to restore it back to its shape or size. Sometimes this is done in the instance of a fake tooth in order to fill in the gap. This can also be done to irregularly shaped teeth in order to make them appear to be more straight or reduce the spacing between them. This is also the procedure that is used when it comes to fillings from cavities.

Dental Contouring and Enamel Shaping
Contouring and shaping are two very well utilized ways to get existing teeth in the shape that the patient wants. The process involves taking a perfectly healthy tooth and merely shaping it with a dental tool. Sometimes this is done just to make the bite more comfortable for the patient. This can also be done to shape the tooth in a certain way. Contouring itself is the process of removing enamel, while shaping generally refers to the process of smoothing edges and making the tooth appear more rounded or smooth.

No matter what the need is, a dentist that specializes in restoration can be the answer for many patients. These dentists are skilled at bonding, implanting veneers, adding crowns, and contouring teeth to make sure that they look great and provide a comfortable bite. The art of restoration is one that is not taken lightly, and there are several methods for perfecting your smile. No matter what your purpose is for having it done, restoration is definitely something that is necessary for most of us to have the smile that we want.

Your Smile Is Your Greatest Asset

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cosmetic dentistIf you are like most people, one of the first things that you notice about a person is their smile. A nice smile is something that shows the people that you meet that you are friendly, outgoing and that you take great care of yourself.

In recent years, there have been many developments in the area of dentistry that can enhance the way your smile looks.

Teeth Whitening
One of the most popular procedures today is teeth whitening. Common lifestyle habits like drinking coffee, tea and smoking can leave teeth stained and dull. When you have your teeth whitened, this process is helpful in removing stains and brings the brightness back into your smile. There is a couple of different approaches to achieving a brighter smile. This procedure is pain-free. When done correctly, patients will see measurable improvements in their smile that can last up to five years after it was performed. The better that you take care of your teeth after having your teeth whitened, the longer lasting your results will be.

Veneers are another option for people who want to improve their smile. Veneers are different from tooth whitening because they are applied directly to your teeth. They are a good solution for people who have stained teeth, gaps in their front teeth or teeth that are shaped irregularly. If you think that you would be an ideal candidate for veneers, you should speak with a cosmetic dentist and ask their expert opinion. In many cases, you will have to follow a specific process to have them done. All veneers must be custom crafted to fit the individual it is being made for. Veneers that are not fit right could lead to pain and discomfort, so it is essential that you work with a skilled dentist that has experience fitting them correctly. Veneers are made of porcelain and are designed to last for a long time, so the investment is worth the reward of having a nice smile.

If you have minor issues with your teeth, such as chips or cracks, bonding is the way to address these problems. Bonding is a filler that matches the color of your teeth, to repair the trouble areas and prevent more serious tooth problems from occurring. In many cases, this simple procedure can be done in one office visit. Patients can expect almost no pain from the procedure. This same bonding agent can also be used to cover small cavities before they become troublesome. Bonding is a great solution for minor jobs that can be fixed relatively quickly.

Speak with a Professional
If you are unhappy with your smile there is no reason not to consult with a dentist that specializes in cosmetic procedures. They will be happy to discuss all of the options that are available to improve your greatest asset, your smile. After this initial consultation, you can formulate a plan of action to get your smile looking terrific.

What to Do When You Have Missing Teeth

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Dental implants

In this day and age, people with dental problems have a myriad of options to improve the look of their teeth. Hundreds of years ago, there were very few dental treatments, and people with missing or rotten teeth simply had to deal with their problems or go through primitive treatments. Today, however, seeing the dentist has a bevy of benefits, including being able to get things like dental implants and invisalign, both of which can greatly improve the look of teeth.

Dental implants are made of titanium, and are rooted into the jawbone of the patient. Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent, according to scientific literature, and generally last a lifetime when they are cared for properly. Amazingly