Prevent Tooth Decay Using These Tips

How can you prevent tooth decay

Decaying teeth are pretty much irreversible. When you let your teeth go and they start to decay, you can hardly reverse the signs of decay. Often, you may have to resort to getting implants after having your decayed teeth pulled out. But if your teeth are still in pretty good condition, then time is on your side. Read further for some great ideas on preventing your teeth from decaying and rotting out of your mouth. In understanding these ideas for preventing tooth decay, you are all but assuring healthy teeth for as long as you live.

Prevent tooth decay through making those regular twice a year appointments with your dental professional. This continues to be the main way in which people can prevent their teeth from decaying. It makes perfect sense too, since your dentist will scratch away that plaque and tartar, check your teeth and gums for signs of disease, and even take X rays to make sure your mouth is in great working order and that your teeth are not falling out of your head.

Prevent tooth decay through eating the right foods. Yes, there are foods that prevent tooth decay, including mint, certain gums, sesame seeds and other foods. Foods like sesame seeds are rough enough that they scratch up against your teeth and slough away the plaque or the tartar that is there. And there are foods too that help promote the growth of tooth decay, which you should avoid at all costs or limit extensively. These foods include anything with processed sugar in it, as well as any sodas and other sugary drinks.

Prevent tooth decay through adding fluoride. People often ask, does fluoride prevent tooth decay, and the answer for many dental professionals is a resounding yes. Some argue that it does nothing for preventing tooth decay, but plenty of dental professionals have seen enough evidence to support the idea that it does in fact help to keep tooth decay at bay. Too much fluoride can be a bad thing, though, so there obviously is a healthy balance there.

Prevent tooth decay through educating yourself on how to prevent tooth decay naturally. There are natural solutions to keep tooth decay at bay, just as there are natural solutions for just about any other ailment out there. Mix the ways to prevent tooth decay by adding in some natural solutions that are touted by dentists and that are discussed at great length by others online.

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