Should You Use a Waterpik?

Gum disease is no joke. It can lead to bleeding gums and even heart disease. One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is flossing once a day according to every dental clinic. However, should you use traditional floss or a waterpik? In this video, you will learn more about waterpiks.

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Waterpiks should not be used in place of flossing. They should be used alongside flossing to augment your dental hygiene. A waterpik may be especially beneficial for you if you notice that your gums are red, spongy, or bleeding. Waterpiks are also right for you if you have braces, a permanent retainer, lingual bar, an implant or bridge, or diabetes. Even none of these apply to you, you can still be proactive by using a waterpik.

WAterpiks work by shooting water towards your guns to give them a deep clean. It has been proven that this prevents gum disease. Traditional floss only can clean down to 4 millimeters below the gum. However, a waterpick can clean everything else. The fact that a waterpik can reach all the tough spaces makes it a very effective tool. For more info, ask your dentist about waterpiks.


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