The Different Types of Teeth Explained

Everyone has noticed that their dog or cat has different-sized teeth that are used for different reasons. In dogs, those two large teeth are known as the canines and are used to puncture prey and tear away parts of them to eat. Humans also have different types of teeth and you can tell the differences by their location and the way they look.

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In this video, you will learn about what the different types of teeth are and what they do. The teeth all the way in the back of your mouth are called molars. These are used to smash the food we are eating into smaller pieces. Since there are two layers of teeth where the molars are, they are where most of where humans chew their food. These teeth allow us to swallow the food more easily.

Our teeth are some of the strongest parts of our body. They aren’t bones but are made up of similar material. Teeth are made from Calcium and Collagen which is why they are so strong. Teeth also help humans speak better.

Continue watching this video to learn about the different types of teeth inside your mouth. Each type of tooth has a unique purpose!


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