Cut out sugar to prevent tooth decay

Does fluoride prevent tooth decay

As we age, naturally our teeth and gums age along with us. Many times, people will visit their regular dentists with one quest. Finding wasy to prevent tooth decay. They will ask about tooth care and wonder, “Does fluoride prevent tooth decay?” and “How can you prevent tooth decay?” Dentists will often tell their patients how to prevent tooth decay in adult and ways to prevent tooth decay in children.
First and foremost, the problem is not usually teeth, gums or a bone aging so much as it is a person’s diet.
Our modern diet is seriously lacking in nutritional value and when teeth and gums are exposed to the volume of high sugar and junk foods, additives including colorings and chemicals, it reeks havoc on our mouths. These types of foods lack vital nutrients that were present in human diets many years ago. Fluoride water and toothpastes are not the key, warn most dentists. Healthy teeth cannot be gained solely by brushing either. Learning ways to prevent tooth decay requires looking at the things we are putting into our mouths, and figuring out a way to cut out the sugars that are rotting our teeth and jeopardizing healthy smiles. If we really want to know ways to prevent tooth decay, we have to look at the bigger picture. Enjoying food from nature, not from factories, will help us get back to living with healthy mouths and teeth. So, what ways to prevent tooth decay and gum disease even into old age are there? Begin by avoiding sugars and processed grains like bread, crackers, doughnuts, and the likes. Artificial colors and additives do nothing, and preservatives are meant for the food, not our bodies. Steer clear of processed convenience foods. Some types of seemingly healthy foods such as soy, tofu and unpasteurized milk can be harmful to teeth and may do nothing to prevent tooth decay. Choose raw milk instead as it is filled with the nutrients that are vital to our teeth. A balance of calcium and phosphorus does more than for our teeth than fluoride ever could. Those who have a sweet tooth must also consider how to prevent tooth decay. Replacing normal sugar with Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and berries and some vegetables, can satiate that sugar craving without overloading the mouth and body with sugars. Another great natural food that is answers the question how to prevent tooth decay is camu camu. This superfood provides the body with a high dose of vitamin C and also contains bioflavonoids which are great for the immune system. A healthy mouth leads to a healthy immune system. It shows that there are ways to prevent tooth decay naturally. Lastly, learning how to prevent tooth decay includes a regular flossing routine. The better the base of teeth are at the gum line, the healthier the mouth is. Removing hidden food particles and flossing where brushes don’t always reach can lead to healthier, stronger teeth and gums.

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