Does Fluoride Prevent Tooth Decay?

Ways to prevent tooth decay

Americans spend an average of 40 days brushing their teeth in their lifetime. As such, the number of cavities you can accrue in a lifetime depends largely on lifestyle choices and how well you take care of your pearly whites. That being said, some folks have a genetic predisposition for developing the pesky invaders, and there are a few things you can do to further prevent tooth decay. In addition to brushing and flossing, did you know that there are also foods that prevent tooth decay naturally?

There are many methods (and sources) for how to prevent tooth decay in adult and how to prevent tooth decay in children. Many municipal water sources, for example, add fluoride to the tap water you drink each day. Fluoride is added to water because common knowledge is that it helps prevent tooth decay, but many people are now wondering does fluoride prevent tooth decay? In the early 1900s, scientists found that individuals raised in areas with naturally fluorinated water had lower incidents of tooth decay than those who lived in areas without fluorinated water. Countries in Europe do not fluorinate their water yet do not have increased incidents of cavities or tooth decay. Interesting food for thought.

As for foods that prevent tooth decay, the list is quite extensive. Calcium, of course, is a great source, and you can get calcium from foods other than dairy; broccoli, nuts, and beans are also great foods that prevent tooth decay. In addition to calcium, high fiber foods that prevent tooth decay are a terrific source, too. This is because high fiber, such as veggies and fruit, get your saliva flowing, which creates a natural mineral defense against tooth decay. Other sources of foods that prevent tooth decay come from B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. These sources, such as bran, brown rices, and brown pasta, help keep gums healthy, which keeps teeth happy. Not only are these foods that prevent tooth decay, but they are good for your bones, too! Last but not least, in addition to enjoying a diet full of healthy foods that prevent tooth decay, we all know the dangers of sugary snacks. When all of these tactics are used in combination, you can up your odds for a lifetime of beautiful smiles!

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