Four Simple Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

How to prevent tooth decay

Has your dentist not yet talked to you about how to prevent tooth decay in adult teeth? If he would rather not discuss the subject, maybe you need a new dentist. In the meantime, look into the myriad ways to prevent tooth decay to keep your pearly whites as strong and as healthy as possible.

First, there are various foods that prevent tooth decay, like those with calcium. Milk, broccoli and almonds all are loaded with calcium, which works to build strong teeth and bones and which helps to stave off tooth decay. Foods that are rich in vitamins in nutrients also help stave off the decay of teeth, like fruits and vegetables and various sources of fiber, like breads, nuts, dates, raisins, and figs. Whole grains also are excellent at helping to hold off tooth decay. So fun foods are good at preventing tooth decay, which is nice since you get to enjoy these foods without feeling too guilty.

Second, there are outside methods to prevent tooth decay, which include regular brushing and flossing and regularly visiting a good dentist. A strong dental professional will show you how to prevent tooth decay in children and adults, showing you the various methods you can utilize to easily incorporate these methods into your daily activities. A good dentist also will answer the question does fluoride prevent tooth decay, which is hotly debated among the dental community with evidence on both sides.

Third, preventive measures exist to assist you in preventing the decay of your teeth. This part perhaps is the most difficult because it involves you practicing daily measures like avoiding sugary foods and drinks, which can build up considerable junk on your teeth and which can get into your gums and wreak havoc. Healthy foods are not always easy to grab, nor do they always taste as good as the junk, but to prevent tooth decay you must practice good eating habits or tooth decay will come your way sooner rather than later.

Fourth, chewing sugarless gum made with xylitol has been proven in certain studies to help prevent tooth decay naturally in many people, so chewing this gum could easily help you fulfill at least part of your oral care goals. Chew gum after every meal to get food out of the crevices between your teeth, and your teeth should stay in good shape. Of course, practice the other suggestions mentioned above too to keep teeth healthy for a long time.

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