Proper Oral Health: Steps to Take to Protect your Smile

We are all only granted one set of teeth, therefore it is utterly important to care the first set that we have. There are many things that we do to care for your bodies, and caring for your teeth should be included in that daily routine. When you take care of your teeth you begin a lifelong habit that will be followed for many years. Staring this habit young is the best way to ensure that it is a life long habit. Parents should start encouraging children to take care of their teeth when their children are young, so that it will become a life long habit for them. No matter how old you are, young or old it is never to early or late to start caring for your teeth. Proper oral care means more than just brushing regularly. There are a number of steps which all play their part in ensuring that you take care of your teeth properly and they stay healthy for life.

Everyone knows that oral care is an important part of how to take care of your teeth, but sometimes oral care either gets forgotten, or it is not done properly to provide the care it is meant to provide. Oral care can even involve investing in snow removal service.  Tooth decay is one thing, however breaking or losing a tooth due to injury is a common occurrence in adults. For example, it is recommended to brush teeth twice daily in order to properly care for them, but normally that doesn’t happen. Brushing at the same time each day can help make this more of a habit and easier to remember. When brushing your teeth it is important to take time to reach all of your teeth and ensure that all surfaces are cleaned. Two minutes is usually suggested as this provides adequate time to hit all surfaces to clean them. Do not forget to brush your tongue as you are brushing your teeth. Plaque builds on the tongue and needs to be cleaned just as your teeth do. Making a habit to brush your tongue while you are brushing your teeth will not only make your mouth feel cleaner but it will make your breath fresher as well. Flossing daily is important to remove things trapped in between teeth where the tooth brush may not be able to reach. Flossing to remove this build up can go a long way in preventing tooth decay now and later in life, and can help improve the health of your gums.


Many people think that mouth wash is an acceptable replacement for flossing, but this is not necessarily the case. A proper healthy oral care routine involves brushing, flossing and using mouth wash. All three steps are important to take care of your teeth and make sure your mouth is as clean and healthy as can be. Flossing helps to remove plaque and bits of food from in between your teeth, but sometimes this is just loosened and not actually removed. By flossing before you brush you can loosen these left over bits of food so that when you use mouth wash they are swept away and your teeth are as clean as they can be.

What you put in your mouth can have adverse effects on your oral health. Typically those with braces, even clear braces have restrictions on things that they can and can’t eat, but everyone should be mindful of what they are eating and drinking if you want to take care of your teeth. For instance things like citrus fruits, sugary candies and sodas and cokes should be consumed in moderation. These things are not good for the enamel of your teeth and can contribute to tooth decay. Along with things that you should avoid, there are things that are good for your teeth, so you should make it a habit to consume these things. For example, water is excellent at balancing the PH level in the mouth. This can help fight against sugars that may be left behind after eating. Doing this after you eat and before you go to bed, after brushing your teeth, is an excellent way to take care of your teeth and help them last many years.


There are a few tips that can help, besides just limiting the amount of sugary foods that you eat. Choosing certain foods is not only healthier for your teeth but it is a better way to take care of your teeth. For example, aside from limiting sugary foods you should eat raw vegetables as much as possible. Raw vegetables are crunch which typically means you have to chew more in order to swallow them. During this process of chewing, you are essentially helping to take off any plaque or sugary residue that is left on your teeth from before. Plus since most vegetables are high in water content it can help raise the PH levels in your mouth. In the event that you are not able to brush your teeth don’t fret. A simple rinse with water and a piece of chewing gum can go a long way in removing food particles and cleaning your teeth. This should never be used in place of brushing your teeth, but this can be used in instances, such as lunch, where brushing is not always possible.

You will want to be proactive with maintaining your teeth and your smile, and you will want to be proactive with caring your child’s smile. Part of the steps required to take care of your teeth includes seeing a family dentist routinely even if there appears to be nothing wrong with your teeth. Everyone should have their teeth checked and cleaned every six months. It doesn’t matter how old you are, this routine should be followed by adults and children alike. These checkup are vital to spot problems that you may not even know that you have. For example, tooth decay could be a major problem, since you don’t always feel pain when you are dealing with tooth decay. During a typical dental visit, not only will your teeth be checked and cleaned, but sealants will also be applied to your teeth to help prevent tooth decay in the future. Visiting a dentist regularly can help spot these issues and they can help provide details on how to properly take care of your teeth to avoid decay in the future.

Prevent Injury

Preventing injury to your teeth is important for maintaining oral health. Your teeth are the only set that you will ever have so being careful to prevent injury will keep them healthy and strong. Chipped teeth are a nuisance and can be problematic when it comes to eating sweet things or things that are hot or cold. If you feel that hot and cold things bother your teeth more than normal you should see your dentist to ensure that you do not have a cracked or chipped tooth. Not chewing on things that don’t belong in your mouth can reduce incidences of cracked or chipped teeth. Not chewing on hard things can also help. Hard candy can be a culprit, so at your next family gathering, holiday gathering, Sunday dinner or even if you’re celebrating a new kitchen that you’ve wanted for years, being mindful of what you’re putting into your mouth and chewing on, especially hard candies, can prevent injuries to your teeth. Another way to prevent injury is to protect your teeth while playing sports. Helmets are a great way to protect the head and face during football, but a mouth guard is vital for protecting teeth no matter what age your athlete is. Falls are another common cause of cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Being mindful of where you are walking, wearing proper shoes, and utilizing outdoor services such as snow removal services in the winter and lawn care services in spring and summer can help to keep yards and driveways free of debris which could pose a tripping hazard and cause falls leading to damages to teeth.

No matter how careful or how diligent you may be, the inevitable may end up happening anyhow. If you find that you have an injury to your mouth or a tooth it is important to make sure that you get the proper care as quickly as possible to properly take care of your teeth. Determining whether to get emergency vs non-emergency care is important to properly fix the issue at hand. If the injury is to the mouth, but there is other suspected injuries, for instance, a laceration in the lip, or a possible broken jaw bone from the injury then your best bet is probably to go directly to the nearest emergency room to be seen and treated. They will not be able to treat your tooth injuries, but they will be able to address any other issues that are associated with teeth injuries. If you are looking for more convenient medical care, then don’t forget about urgent care centers. They can typically provide many of the same services that an emergency room can provide, but the wait time will be substantially less, the cost will be lower and it may be a more convenient medical care. While you may very well get information concerning the injury to your teeth it is best to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible after an injury. Only a dentist can provide an accurate diagnosis about the extent of damage done to the teeth and the necessary measures that are needed to correct it. There are specialized doctors that deal with specific injuries such as broken bones and diseases, dentists specialize in caring for the teeth so allowing them to provide care ensures that you will proper care.


Many people just assume that being sensitive to cold and hot food and drinks is just something that they are going to have to deal with and endure. This is not the case, and many people are suffering in silence because of their thoughts. There are many products on the market today which can not only help with sensitive teeth, but that can clean your mouth thoroughly and that your dentist recommends as well. If you are experiencing issues with hot and cold things, don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist at one of your regular check-ups. They can provide options that can help treat your symptoms so that you can get back to enjoying the food and drink that you love without having to worry about the temperature of it.

Yes you read that right, no matter how well you take care of your teeth you could still see something wrong with them causing a reason for concern. Together you and your dentist can decide if this is something that needs to be looked at further by your regular doctor. There are in fact a number of medical conditions that can contribute to problems with your oral health, and working together with your dentist and doctor you can remedy them to save your beautiful smile. Acid reflux can cause erosion on your teeth from the acid coming into your mouth. Typically the back teeth are most affected, but your dentist is usually the first one to see this and make the connection. Diabetes can be responsible for a host of problems concerning your mouth including gum disease and cavities right up to tooth loss. If you are experiencing any of these things or your dentist has voiced concerns, it may be time to schedule a check-up to have your blood sugar checked.


Sometimes medications can have side effects which can affect your teeth, gums or tongue. Carefully read the side effects of your medications especially new ones and always let your dentist know of any new medications that you are taking. An accurate diagnosis will show side effects. Some side effects are normal and will go away on their own, while others may be worrisome and warrant a discussion with your doctor.

Taking care of your teeth may seem like a huge job with a lot of steps, but once you start doing these things every day you will get into the routine of doing it and it won’t seem like such a chore. Once you are used to doing these steps and they become second nature you, then you will notice that your day is not complete if you skip one of these steps. Taking care of the teeth that you have now will not only allow you to keep more of your natural teeth years down the line, but it will also save time and money later down the line. Newer advancements with permanent teeth are being introduced to replace dentures, but neither of these options is cheap. They will require more than one visit to the dentist and your pocketbook will take a hit. Spend a little time now to care for your teeth so you don’t have to spend a lot of money later on in life.

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