Why Risk Having Your Teeth Fall Out?

Does fluoride prevent tooth decay

According to an August 15 article on WGEM.com, tooth decay is quite common in children. If it is during the summer months, the risk of tooth decay grows even more. This is because during the summer months, children may be more inclined to imbibe sugary drinks. By avoiding high sugar foods, as well as foods high in citric acid, it could be much easier for one to prevent tooth decay from taking hold. Acidic and sugary food products can eat away at ones teeth over time, causing a great deal of damage.

Nearly 23% of children between the ages of two and 11 have some level of untreated tooth decay in the United States. Looking up a few ways to prevent tooth decay early on could help to not only instill good habits, but to protect the adult teeth children get as they grow up. Approximately 21% of children six to 11 have cavities in their adult teeth. When looking up how to prevent tooth decay in children, people may be surprised to learn that adding a few simple foods to ones diet could do the trick!

Some of the foods that prevent tooth decay, according to MedicalDaily.com include apples, sugar free gum, milk, and green and black teas. Not only do these items replace those that are sugary, but some of them could provide people with extra vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen tooth enamel. Of all the ways to prevent tooth decay, avoiding sodas, citrus fruits and candy could be one of the best ways to proceed.

Other simple but effective ways to prevent tooth decay include simple everyday maintenance. Brushing ones teeth and flossing every day can help to remove particles that become stuck in between teeth and along the gums. The stronger the teeth and gums remain, the brighter the smile the person will have. On top of all that, most people will also enjoy not having to go to the dentist as often as they might with an unhealthy set of teeth and gums!

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